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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse denied visa, won't be at Grammys -

I've been meaning to post about Amy Winehouse for some time now. There's been something ruminating the in back of my head for months after I first heard "Back to Black" and it's basically this. . .

Where's the talent?

I've heard it all before. It's always Phil Spector-esque production going back to the old campy, girl groups, or even the power of the Surpremes. Granted, Winehouse has some pipes, and she's got some lyrics, but it always seems to fall short. Also, I hear a lot that harks back to Shirley Brown and the blunt honesty in her music, but still, it just comes up short.

I don't mean to crap on someone while she's down, but what's the big deal about Amy Winehouse? Is it because her songs seem to relate to the various scandals surrounding our American Stars? Does "Rehab" bring soul to the troubles of Britney Spears? Really, it all just makes me yawn.

And besides Lily Allen is hotter.


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