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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Something to occupy my Sunday

It was a boring ass day, and I decided to work on a new mix for everyone. This time, it wasn't all that special, just a mix designed for driving.

So in essence, it's more of the same. I'll post a bit about the trip to the midwest in a couple days, assuming I am not forced to deal with a very nasty cold that I feel coming on.

Spring Driving

1. Katie Melua - Just Like Heaven
2. Simon & Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair/Canticle
3. Chris Vrenna - Falling down the rabbit hole
4. MorissonPoe - Pearl Necklace
5. Paz Lenchantin - Missin'
6. Republica - Ready To Go
7. Placebo - Meds (feat. VV of The Kills)
8. Rosanne Cash - Black Cadillac
9. Marianne Faithfull - Song For Nico
10. Regina Spektor - Poor Little Rich Boy
11. PJ Harvey - The Letter
12. Rasputina - Olde Headboard (Chris Vrenna Remix)
13. Jill Tracy - Evil Night Together
14. Patti Smith - Gloria-In Excelsis Deo

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Illegal radio broadcasting

CNN reported a story about pilots in the Miami area tuning into an illegal hip-hop radio station.

The group should just Shoutcast...
Then again, Kenny Rogers should be banned from the radio, particularly Dutch radio.

Friday, March 17, 2006

In Indiana

So here I am, sitting at Dellessa's computer, typing this entry. You see, I'm visiting here in Terre Haute. I haven't had a whole lot to do the past couple of days, since our vacations don't quite coincide. Therefore, I did what came naturally: I snooped around her computer, sniffing out what audio files are on it, curious to see what she listens to apart from the stuff we discuss (and sometimes, by virtue of our relationship, gets mentioned here.) In the end, I found myself playing with this mix. After a couple tries at downloading Audacity and LAME, I put it together.

So here is a small sampling of the strange sounds coming from Dellessa's computer. (Yeah, some of it would seem familiar since she recommended to me, or I sent it along to her on some long, lonely evening apart.)

Other People's Music


1. The Killers - Mr. Brightside
2. Damien Rice - Amie
3. Akeboshi - Wind [Naruto Full Ending]
4. Cinema Strange - Catacomb Kittens
5. Linkin Park - My December
6. Wolfsheim - Kein zurück(single)
7. Trigun - Kaze wa Mirai ni Fuku
8. Too Many Sundays - Jabberwock
9. The Pillows - I think I can
10. Placebo - Passive Agressive
11. Rasputina - At The State Fair With a White Trash Sucker
12. Bright Eyes - Down In A Rabbit Hole
13. Deftones - Passenger
14. Evanescence - Field of Innocence

Hopefully, I will have more to report from our little side trip to St. Louis tomorrow, and from my eventual visit to my favourite, obsucre record shop on the entire planet: Headstone Friends (which, regrettably, does nothing involving computer such as CC purchases, let alone having a website.)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Over the Rainbow

The BBC posted an interesting article about the feature song from the movie The Wizard of Oz.

Over The Rainbow's enduring appeal

Sunday, March 12, 2006


This mix is best listened to during a lazy moment in the day, particularly at night during some down time.

For some reason, I think I've heard "Blumenwiese neben Autobahn" (rough translation: meadows near the highway) by Ulrich Schnauss in a movie or commercial. I could be mistaken.


Play list
1 - Bonobo - Dinosaurs
2 - Jakatta - American Dream
3 - Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (12' original)
4 - Terry Grant - I'll Kill You Softly (featuring Jennifer Home)
5 - Pole Folder - Fall in Violet (featuring Shelley Harland)
6 - Lamb - Angelica
7 - Orbital - Halcyon and On and On
8 - Nacho Sotomayor - Eternal
9 - The Egg - Venice Beach
10 - Death in Vegas - Rematerialised
11 - Yunus Güvenen - Indigo (Original Mix)
12 - William Orbit - Water From a Vine Leaf
13 - Ulrich Schnauss - Blumenwiese neben Autobahn

Friday, March 10, 2006

Around the World in 80 Minutes

This mix came out of the original 4.5-hour 2005 year in review mix. Since some of the original songs had a very worldly feeling, I expanded on the idea by adding enough tracks to make a complete mix. Without a doubt, I haven't touched every corner of the world, but hopefully, with further additions to my music collection, I will be able arrange a few sequels.

Play list
1 - Tan Dun - The Eternal Vow [China]
2 - Balthazar - Red Sand [Middle East]
3 - Makis Ablianitis - Love Secret [Greek]
4 - Marsicano - Bombay Sapphire (featuring Ratnabali) [India]
5 - Thievery Corporation - Doors of Perception (featuring Gunjan) [America, India]
6 - Sigur R¢s - Flugufrelsarinn [Iceland]
7 - Mari Boine - Gula Gula [Sami of Norway]
8 - Shpongle - Dorset Perception [England, South America]
9 - Buena Vista Social Club - El Carretero [Cuba]
10 - Wasis Diop - Everything (...Is Never Quite Enough) (featuring Beth Hirsch) [Senegal]
11 - 1 Giant Leap - Passion (featuring Michael Franti) [Africa]
12 - Amon Tobin - Nova [Brazil]
13 - Nicola Conte - The In Samba [Italy, Brazil]
14 - Bob Marley & The Wailers - Could You Be Loved [Jamaica]
15 - Manu Chao - Mentira... [Mexico, France, Spain, Jamaica]
16 - Federico Aubele - Diario de Viaje [Argentina]

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mixed Doubles

Patrick sent me RJD2's album and two tracks stuck out for me. The remaining tracks were centered around RJD2's tracks simply because I liked how dark it sounded. In the end, I wanted to put together a chilled out mix that wasn't entirely upbeat, but more dark and mysterious. I hope this satisfies.

Mixed Doubles

Play List
1 - U.N.K.L.E. - UNKLE (Main Title Theme)
2 - Massive Attack - Black Milk
3 - Amon Tobin - Easy Muffin
4 - DJ Shadow - Mongrel...
5 - DJ Shadow - ...Meets His Maker
6 - Massive Attack - Rising Son
7 - Thievery Corporation - The Cosmic Gate
8 - Amon Tobin - Four Ton Mantis
9 - Groove Armada - Remember
10 - U.N.K.L.E. - Unreal
11 - DJ Shadow - Giving Up the Ghost
12 - Moby - Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)
13 - Thievery Corporation - All That We Perceive
14 - RJD2 - Ghostwriter
15 - Groove Armada - Join Hands
16 - RJD2 - Smoke & Mirrors
17 - Moby - I'm Not Worried at All

Spring Shadows

A while back, Patrick asked me to put together an end of 2005 mix. The original mix was 4.5 hours long, but as I worked on it through November and December, the mix became tiresome. Instead of posting a 4.5-hour mix, I opted to break it up into smaller mixes and rework the track selection and arrangment.

This mix is light and breezy, especially with spring on its way.

Spring Shadows

1 - Thievery Corporation - Marching the Hate Machines into the Sun (feat. The Flaming Lips)
2 - Kings of Convenience - The Weight of my Words (Four Tet Remix - Instrumental)
3 - Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence
4 - Keane - Untitled 1
5 - Coldplay - White Shadows
6 - Dave Matthews Band - Let you Down
7 - Turin Brakes - Jackinabox
8 - David Gray - Sail Away
9 - Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man - Spider Monkey
10 - Kings of Convenience - Misread
11 - Hooverphonic - Waves
12 - Lambchop - Low ambition
13 - Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender
14 - Franz Ferdinand - 40'
15 - INXS - Need You Tonight
16 - Garbage - Stupid Girl

Pink Floyd Podcast

I gave up on the idea of a shoutcast. I'll still do one on Saturday night, but we'll do more of the usual based on who shows up, so someone, please show up. In the meantime, I decided to do the Pink Floyd tribute show as a Podcast. This means, you'll have a higher quality listen, and less screwing up on my part. I went ahead and set it up like one of my shoutcasts, so those of you who listen to these, but miss out on the shoutcasts can still get the feeling I had for it. I'm actually tempted to do more of my pods like this, actually.

Without further ado, The Mad Terran's Podcast This is by no means a complete favourites mix, I left a few of my personal favourites off since I use them so much in other stuff. I also included one cover, which I forget to mention in the podcast itself. It's by OSI, a side project from some members of Dream Theater (and a couple other bands)

The Playlist:

1. Syd Barrett - Golden Hair
2. The Boomtown Rats - i don't like mondays
3. Pink Floyd - Let There Be More Light
4. Pink Floyd - Scarecrow
5. David Gilmour - Then I Close My Eyes
6. Snowy White - Midnight Blues
7. Pink Floyd - Fat Old Sun
8. Pink Floyd - High Hopes
9. Rick Wright - Breakthrough
10. Pink Floyd - The Gunner's Dream
11. OSI - Set The Control For The Heart Of The Sun
12. Pink Floyd - Sheep
13. Pink Floyd - The Trial
14. Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away
15. Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again
16. Syd Barrett - Effervescing Elephant

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Because what would a post be if I don't decide to do a second one?

Oh yeah, I found this in one of the record snob communities (the only decent one, actually) in LiveJournal yesterday. It's a short film that's basically somewhere between High Fidelity's dream sequence and Clerks.

I don't necessarily like all the artists mentioned, nor do I exactly condone this sort of behavior. . . though I do dream about it incessantly while working in my coporate owned, run, and mismanaged music store.

Because I Just Have to Share.

I'm going to do the uncool thing and talk about that mega-star, Norah Jones one more time. As we all know and occasionally groan about, I am in love with this singer, so when I found out she was a part of a side project called "The Little Willies" (which I don't have confirmation on this, but I assume is a reference to Willie Nelson), I had to get my hands on it. I've listened to this self titled album and bloody loved it. It's Norah, her bassist and boyfriend from the Handsome Band, Lee Alexander and a few other artists from New York effectively doing the Travelling Willbury's thing and putting out a fun, relaxed, country-tinged album. I think I like it more than her last release, Feels Like Home.

I'm tossing up the funniest track from the album called "Lou Reed" which had be dying for a good couple minutes. Also check out their cover of the Highwaymen's "I Gotta Get Drunk" which Norah takes lead vocals on.

Including the David Gilmour and the unreleased Flaming Lips album, this is my favourite album this year.

The Little Willies - Lou Reed

Also, if you like this and are looking for something a bit more serious, I recommed Rabbit Fur Coat, but Rilo Kiley's lead singer, Jenny Lewis (and the Watson Twins). Brilliant album, reminds me of Dusty Springfield.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I know we're minutes away . . .

But I'm going to whimp out tonight and postpone the show until 10:00 PM EST Saturday evening. I'll be working the entire weekend, so it'll make life easier. I know it's Gilmour Day, but we'll all live.

Monday, March 06, 2006

One More Thing Gilmour related. . .

Since the new album is officially released in the United States tomorrow, I'm going to do a special Pink Floyd related shoutcast around 9:30 EST on Tuesday night. I'll be playing some of my personal favourites, some covers, and who knows what else.

Oh, and I do have a copy of the album already and it's quite wonderful. We'll get more into that tomorrow evening. Be sure to email or IM me or Kammie or Meera if you'd like to be in on this special night of my gushing about my favourite band and solo performer.

Leonard Cohen

Somehow, through some LP's I'd gotten a hold of from various thrift stores, I found myself listening to the works of Leonard Cohen again. He's a singer/songwriter from Canada that found his initial following in the liberal, folky, movements in the early to mid-60's. For some reason though, he's not quite as popular as Dylan, but in the end, I find his lyrics and poetry to be a bit more insightful.

He's also darker, funnier and in some ways, more explicit than Dylan and he eventualy followed Eastern religions rather than moving into liberal forms of Christianity.

So, in celebration of his works and this recent enjoyment, I put together a mix of his music, both past and recent (in fact, "The Letters" comes from his most recent release "Dear Heather") and a couple covers. One, the cover by Jeff Buckley is probably the best known version of one his songs among music listeners, and I tossed in a couple others just to vary things up. The Spanky and Our Gang version was one I heard from one those LP's I obtained, (though the song was orignally performed by Judy Collins, but it's a Cohen original). And finally, who doesn't love the Man in Black?

The Leonard Cohen Songbook

1. Leonard Cohen - The Partisan
2. Leonard Cohen - Waiting For The Miracle
3. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
4. Leonard Cohen - So Long, Marianne
5. Leonard Cohen - The Letters
6. Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel #2
7. Spanky & Our Gang - Suzanne
8. Johnny Cash - Bird On A Wire
9. Leonard Cohen - The Future

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