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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Oh, yeah, the playlist . . .

I've got to stop doing this in the morning. . .

1. Tommy James and Shondelles - I Think We're Alone Now
2. Dexter's Midnight Riders - Come On Eileen
3. The Beatles - Yellow Submarine'
4. Queen and David Bowie - Under Pressure
5. The Bangles - Walk Like an Egyptian
6. The Royal Guardsman - Snoopy v. the Red Baron
7. The Monkees - I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone
8. Simon and Garfunkle - Cecilia
9. The Animals - When I Was Young
10. The Troggs - Wild Thing
11. The Beatles - The Ballad of John and Yoko
12. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River
13. Keane v DJ Shadow - We Might As Well Be Strangers (remix)


Well, Blogger's being crap. Here's the third part of the show:

Let me know what you think. Sorry about all this

Another show from 45's

So I've recently come into a small collection of 45's. They aren't much, but there's a good deal of fun stuff in it, and some of it is actually listenably. Since I don't have much in the way of mp3's on this computer, I decided I would make them the next show. Sadly, the source material wasn't up to the quality it could have been. I've got a version of Frank and Nancy Sinatra doing "Something Stupid" with a deep gash in it where it looks like a chunk of the song was simply removed. I've also learned that on a couple 45's the songs were rarely able to play all the way through and the ending of the song would be chopped off.

Also, I don't know much help cleaning will do on some of these. For now, however, here's an attempt. It's going to be a bit distorted, but not painfully so. You just have to keep in mind the source material.

So here's to the jukebox.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back Up and Running

Well, I'm here and back up and running after the purchase of a new computer. I lost access to a lot of my mp3's as well as the playlists for two shows I had planned out. So instead, until I can get that big kink worked out, I've been working on something completely different and I'm hoping to have it up within a few days.

As it stands, we're getting there. I've also been promised some new shows from some guest DJ's. Now I only have to get on their arses about them.

I think that might take some time.

For the time being, I'd like to direct everyone to a local jazz musician who has some samples to listen too on his site. I ordered his CD and am planning to give it a listen in a bit. From what I've heard though, he does a rather cool version of Brubeck's "Take Five." Flint Blade also plays a guitar a bit differently than the average and that novelty alone makes him worth checking out.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Spanish Rock.

Last night, before I ran into a bit of little trouble with posting and accidentally posted before I was ready too, I meant to ask about what is termed as "Rock En Espanol."

Recently, I've undertaken another attempt at learning more about the rock world in Latin America and have picked up a few things. 5a Estacion, Heroes Del Silencio, Shakira, and a couple other things. I like what I heard from the three artists and I want to learn more, so does anyone have anything they can recommend.

Over the years, I've checked stuff out, attempting to keep an open mind. Afterall, I do work in music store in Miami, so these things do crop up often. I do know I want to get a hold of more Heroes Del Silencio. I recommend them to anyone serious about rock. It sounds like they found that strange blend of Progressive, Arena rock and Punk that never quite materialised, despite the promises of Grunge. Shame they seem to have broken up into a group of solo artists.

I also want to hear more from Molotov. And Mago de Oz always had me curious. Maybe these bands should be the next stop in exploration.

Friday, June 17, 2005

An evening . . .

I spent a couple hours out listening to a couple CDs and wandering from restaurant to restaurant in my area. Sure, it was only two restaurants, but they were a good distance apart.

I've made this evening a jazz evening. At work, I found Lizz Wright's new album "Dreaming Wide Awake." I listened to a bit of the samples on the machines, keeping in mind what I had heard from Salt a few years ago. Over all, it's a beautiful album: simple and lush. Ms. Wright's voice is like it's being broadcasted from decades ago, trying to convey a message to us all. Stylistically, she's a bit like Norah Jones or Diana Krall, but that's not to say she's just another cookie cutter. She's definitely an understated talent of her own. No insane vocal theatrics on this album.

The songs really caught my attention when I turned it over, checked them out. Even looking at the liners, I was pleased. She covered "Old Man" by Neil Young and did a did an amazing job. The song now sounds like it is sung by someone who is newly 24 (or maybe it has to do with the listener finally turning that age not too long ago). She also performed a couple songs by Jesse Harris, Norah Jones's long time collaborator (he's the guy who wrote "Don't Know Why.") And there's "Get Together" by the Youngbloods on the album too, which was a real shocker to me.

I've managed to listen to a couple other jazz things this evening too, as well as Orson Wells' "War of the Worlds" Broadcast. Now that truly is something from the past. I'm looking forward to watching the DVD documentary that came with it. But that's not for now. Tonight is for jazz and writing and love.

Also, a question for everyone out there. I've begin a brief

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Just so everyone knows . . .

http:// Hell froze over for aid to Africa.

All four Floyds are playing Live 8.

As a longtime Floydian, I think I just had a . . . well never mind.

Also, I'm pleased to know that Storm's art exhibit will be in Miami in November. That will be some cool stuff to see.If we plan this appropriately we could make a MadterranMusic day of it.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Around, sort of

The shows shall be delayed indefinitely. I am haviung some computer issues and am currently updating on a loner of a laptop. Hopefully, in time, once this mess is sorted out. I will have something substantial to post and such.

I've acquired quite a few 45's as of late. And I've got more than a few ideas rumblng around my head.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Someone on my LJ F-list recommened this and it looks pretty cool, frankly. I'm going to look into it further when I get a chance. These smash up are pretty creative when you think about it and can make some pretty mediocre tracks sound pretty good. The experiments with Jay-Z and Linkin Park come to mind. It made them both sound fairly intelligent. I'm still waiting to hear The Grey Album, however.

I've got an mp3 that was pretty popular a couple years back called "A Stroke of Genius" which was a The Strokes v. Christina Aguilera that was so good it made me, and quite a few others wish that she'd had taken that direction on her Stripped album, but alas, it didn't quite happen.

Also, keep an eye out for a new show in a couple days. At DJ Dillia Digweed's insitence it'll be an 80's mix. Due to computer issues, it might be delayed. I want to make sure the bloody thing is dependable before I get started on it.

Finally, I bought an 8-track player. After some talk with my father, I learned how the bloody thing works, but it sounds like it needs it's head(s) cleaned our something. Anyone know how to accomplish that one? Look for more discussion on that later too.

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